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Farid Kamil wants negative vibes out of his life. — Instagram/Farid Kamil
Farid Kamil wants negative vibes out of his life. — Instagram/Farid Kamil

KUALA LUMPUR: Having served a prison sentence last year has certainly opened up actor and director Datuk Farid Kamil Zahari’s eyes on the reality of life.

He admitted that because of his conviction, some of his old chums had shunned away from him.

However, the 38-year-old artiste said that what had transpired served as a reminder to him.

“There are some who have not contacted me since, but that is fine with me. That’s what I want too, in order to keep the negative vibes out of my life.”

“I’m glad for those who remain friends and those who have become my new acquaintances.

“God has shown me very clearly what is dark and what is light forces in my life... and this Farid Kamil you see now is someone who can’t wait to face whatever challenges life throws at him,” said the J Revolusi star in a recent news report.

Farid was found guilty of using the marijuana type drug Tetra Hydrocannibol (THC) on May 15 last year.

After serving 35 days of his sentence at Kajang Prison, Farid was allowed to postpone the sentence until his appeal against it was completed.

He added that with the postponement, he is taking the opportunity to focus on his new film, Remp-it 2, which is scheduled to screen at the cinemas in August.

“I can’t wait for the film to screen, as my entire family is depending on the success of this film,” said Farid who is also the film director and leading actor, besides producing for the first time for his production house FKX Film Sdn Bhd.

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