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Leina Hangat (NSTP/FILE PIC)
Leina Hangat (NSTP/FILE PIC)

KUALA LUMPUR: She was "hot" in the 1990s, famous for her infectious pop song Ceria Dalam Gundah, and her sexy image.

Nor Azlina Abdul Rahman, better known as Leina Hangat, is a changed woman now.

The 48-year-old Johorean who dresses modestly now said that she had turned over a new leaf in 2010, after years of being an artiste known for her provocative dresses and dance moves.

And she feels "guilty" each time she surfs the Internet to read articles and view photos of her then self.

“I admit that my faith in God was not strong back then. However, God was good to me and He gave me a chance to change my ways for the better," said Leina in a recent news report.

“Each time I Google my name, stories during my heyday appear, and I think 'Oh God where did my faith go back then?'"

Leina said that God had tested her, and she soon realised that she had to return to the straight path.

“Everyone gets tested, and when their time comes, they return to the righteous path. I'm no exception, and slowly I followed," said Leina.

“I've now realised that whatever God gives us, we should accept it because it is for our own good. And we must realise that one day, we will all change for the better."

Leina admitted that she preferred to be known only by her first name these days, but unfortunately, Netizens and fans were more familiar with her stage name.

“I'd rather be called Leina Abdul Rahman or just Leina, minus the hangat. But then, most Malaysians know me as Leina Hangat since that was the name that made me famous.

“I've reluctantly learnt to accept this, because so long as my real name is found on my identity card, that is good enough," said Leina, who performs in corporate events these days.

“I still enjoy singing, because it's always been my first love. However, I'm stricter with my personal image now, and that means daring dance moves are over, likewise dinner parties where alcohol is served."

Leina has six studio albums to her credit, and she has also starred in films and television dramas, such as Sate, Awas and Di Penghujung Jalan.

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