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James Blunt (Picture from Instagram, @jamesblunt)
James Blunt (Picture from Instagram, @jamesblunt)

KUALA LUMPUR: Popular singer-songwriter James Blunt is known for replying to nasty comments about him on social media with witty puns and ironic rebuttals.

But the English artiste has a gentlemanly side by apparently messaging these trolls privately after publicly calling them out online for all to see.

According to Bang, the 45-year-old You’re Beautiful and Goodbye My Lover hitmaker does this just to check if these troublesome individuals online are doing alright after coming under scrutiny.

In an interview with Heat magazine, he said: "When you're face-to-face with people, they're normally quite polite. When I do reply, I try and make sure it's with humour and kindness. I direct message them, because their notifications will start going, and you don't quite know how fragile they might be.”

The former British Army officer-turned-chart-topping artiste, who has fired salvos of comebacks at negative comments over the years, added that his rejoinders tended to poke fun at himself as well, in addition to its intended targets.

"They could be quite fragile, bearing in mind they're on Twitter, feeling empowered when they're upstairs in their bedroom with the curtains closed, their trousers round their ankles, writing something horrid to someone they've never met before.”

“So, I direct message them often to say, 'Hey, this is all in good humour and I hope you see it in that way. Peace out!'"

"What I do on Twitter is me laughing. Not only at those people, but also at myself."

Blunt said that he never lets any of the offending comments get to him and chooses to focus on his fans instead since they have supported him throughout his career.

"I am surprised by the reactions, both positive and negative. I get up to 10,000 people night after night watching me, but you might find four negative tweets online and they might affect me more, but I shouldn't forget that thousands of people have spent money to go to one of my concerts."

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