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Dap Dap Dap fits really well with the current music trend, says Siti Sarah. NSTP/ROHANIS SHUKRI
Dap Dap Dap fits really well with the current music trend, says Siti Sarah. NSTP/ROHANIS SHUKRI

HAVING released many ballads in the past, singer Siti Sarah Raissuddin felt she needed to put out something fresh and different for her fans.

And that she did. For her latest single Dap Dap Dap released last month, the 35-year-old artiste let composer and songwriter Yonniboii come up with a fresh tune. What’s more, she also let him decide how the song is to be sung, even though he’s still a newbie in the music scene.

Siti Sarah believes Yonniboii knows the best formula to make Dap Dap Dap a tune that will appeal to the masses.

From the response, it is clear that her decision is the right one.

“Despite being a new talent, I had no issue about trusting him entirely with my new single,” says Siti Sarah.

The mother of three says it has been a pleasure working with Yonniboii and hopes to work with other young composers too.

She says working with someone new has its perks, as it provides a different experience and opportunity to learn something new.

“I look for for collaborators rather than bank on someone’s reputation or ‘brand’. What’s important to me is whether the individual can offer me quality work,” she says.

“Yonnyboii is talented and has the potential to go far in the industry. Someone has to open the door for him... and I have no problem doing that.”

Not totally new

Siti Sarah admits that Dap Dap Dap is not her first foray into recording a non-ballad.

“I have put out two fast numbers, Jangan Kau Mimpi and Pesan Mama. I think Dap Dap Dap fits really well with the current music trend,” she says.

On the song title, the pint-sized vocal powerhouse says that originally there were two options.

“It was either Dap Dap Dap or Manis. Since I didn’t want this new tune to be another cliche, Dap Dap Dap it is.”

While Siti Sarah is thrilled about the single, there have been some criticisms over her enunciation when delivering the song.

Laughing, she says, it was done deliberately, and with a good reason to boot.

“I know, some of the words may sound a little weird. One might even say that I was being a little over-the-top. Even mengada-ngada.”

Siti Sarah initially recorded the song with proper enunciation. But the result did not feel right.

In fact, she says the baku pronunciation seemed out of place with the general feel of the song.

“To overcome that, Yonnyboii decided that I give the tune some character. So we recorded again, this time giving the song the much-needed character. The rest, as they say, is history,” she says, chuckling.

However, it was not easy for her to sing that way.

“It took me eight hours to get used to enunciating the words in such a way. When you are so used to singing Malay songs using baku (the correct way, as how the words are spelt in Malay), it takes a lot of practice to put on this ‘accent’,” she says, adding the music video will be shot soon.

Siti Sarah is also releasing another song after Hari Raya, featuring music arrangement by the late musician Faizal Uzir Lok-U before he died last month (Jan 22).

“He was supposed to wrap up the arrangement days before his sudden passing. But he kept delaying it and it wasn’t like him at all to do that. Little did we realise that that was a sign,” shares Siti Sarah, turning a little emotional remembering the departed musician who was a close acquaintance.

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