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Hugh Jackman (Picture from Instagram, @thehughjackman)
Hugh Jackman (Picture from Instagram, @thehughjackman)

KUALA LUMPUR: Actor Hugh Jackman has temporarily closed his cafe in New York City due to the Covid-19 pandemic that has been escalating around the world.

According to Bang, the Australian actor, 51, recently made the announcement to shut the doors to his establishment, called Laughing Man, on his Instagram account.

He wrote: "We have made the decision to temporarily close the @laughingmancafe. We feel this is the best course of action to ensure the safety of our staff and community."

The star of Logan added: "We also feel it is the right thing for the larger community of NYC. We want to be a place of healthy interaction and not a potential danger to you. This is a time when we find new depths to our motto ALL BE HAPPY and hope, more then ever, for it to help guide humanity."

"While it pains us not to serve you person to person, we will look for other ways to serve you during this time. Let us take care of each other the best we can. We wish the whole world health, peace, patience and love. #allbehappy"

Jackman, who has children Oscar, 19, and Ava, 14, with wife Deborra-Lee Furness, started the coffee shop in 2011 in the Tribeca district of the city.

It's aim was to also provide a marketplace for farmers in developing countries to be able to sell their goods to customers in the US.

Meanwhile, the friendly singer and theatre actor had listened to fans criticism and deleted a video of him dancing while washing his hands.

Apparently, fans were quick to point out in the recent video that Jackman had left the tap running the whole time that he was washing his hands.

The actor then replaced the video with a new clip with the caption: "Take 2. You're ALL absolutely right. Turn off the tap whilst washing your hands. Smart, healthy practices for yourself... and the planet."

He also thanked fans for pointing out his mistake in the new video and said: "Alright, take two on this one. Thank you everyone for picking me up on my mistake yesterday, which was to wash my hands and leave the water running the whole time. That was not good, I wasn't thinking."

Jackman ended the video with: "Wash your hands. But don't keep the tap running."

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