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Siti Elizad shares her cooking with fans during the MCO (Picture from Instagram, @elizadsharifuddin)
Siti Elizad shares her cooking with fans during the MCO (Picture from Instagram, @elizadsharifuddin)

KUALA LUMPUR: With the Movement Control Order (MCO) in full effect now, several local artistes have been sharing their cooking skills online.

Aside from uploading video messages for the public to adhere to the MCO and to take precautionary measures, some celebs have been gaining attention on Instagram for their delicious delicacies.

TV host Awal Ashaari has been uploading a series of his cooking capers via #dapurdaddy on Instagram Stories since the MCO began.

Awal said that he wanted to challenge himself by cooking in the kitchen and to serve up hard-to-prepare dishes.

"During this MCO, the menu has mostly been made up of dishes that are rarely done. Prior to this, I've enjoyed making Western dishes. I very rarely do Malay fare."

"So I looked for recipes online by Googling them and going on YouTube, which enabled me to cook them. But for things like Roti Kerca, I got the recipe from my mother-in-law."

He added: "Since the MCO, I've also made dishes that my mother does. Usually, I'd have to wait for my mother to make it if I wanted to eat those dishes. So it's been good staying at home."

"So far, I have yet to use the food delivery serivce during the MCO."

Meanwhile, actress and radio annnouncer Siti Elizad has used #dudukrumahchallenge to share her menu.

"Cooking is a mandatory activity for me when I'm at home. So with the MCO going on now I want to share what I make with fans. At least they can try out and have their own activities."

She added: "The menu that I share consists of simple and easy to prepare dishes. They're also what my family enjoy having together."

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