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Jay Chou (left) and G-Dragon (Picture from Koreaboo)
Jay Chou (left) and G-Dragon (Picture from Koreaboo)

KUALA LUMPUR: With the Covid-19 pandemic currently gripping the world, China and South Korea have joined forces to raise funds to help cope with and combat the deadly disease.

According to Koreaboo, Korean-Chinese joint media platform KVLY and China’s largest performance agency, FREEGOS Entertainment, will organise what is touted to be the world’s largest online concert.

Dubbed the first "untact" (no physical contact) live streaming concert, the We Are The World 2020 event is expected to take place on April 30.

The theme for the concert is “Let’s Fight the Global Crisis of Coronavirus”.

It was reported that the epic event has received investment from NetEase Music, one of China’s leading music platforms with over 900 million users, and VT GMP, best known for its collaboration with BTS.

The concert has been regarded by some as the Asian version of the 1985 global sensation, We Are The World, which was organise to raise funds for Africa.

Viewers from around the continent are expected to be able to catch the live streamed extravaganza on YouTube.

The concert will feature a stellar group of artistes from both countries.

Jay Chou and Jacky Cheung will head the group of 10 Chinese performers, while G-Dragon of popular K-Pop group BigBang is expected to headline Korea's lineup.

Viewers will also be able to donate to help support the relief efforts for the Covid-19 pandemic during the concert.

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