Putry Kirana prefers full body workouts.


Name: Putry Kirana Md Tahir

Age: 32

Occupation: Stuntwoman and actress

Weight: 54kg

Height: 174cm


1. What is your weekly exercise routine?

Station exercise.


2.  What is your fitness aim?

To keep fit and stay healthy.


3. What is your favourite workout?

Jogging and full body workouts.


4. Weights or cardio?



5. What is your typical breakfast?

An English breakfast.


6. What is the one junk food you can't live without?

Chocolate cream cake.


7.  How long do you sleep at night?

Barely eight hours.


8.  What’s the first thing you do after you wake up in the morning?

Drink lemon juice and stretch.


9.  How do you prevent injury?

By doing proper stretching and warming up before exercise.


10.  What is your advice to get people to exercise?

Being healthy is good for longevity and beauty and youthfulness too.


11.  What’s your favourite source of protein?

Red meat and white meat.


12.  What’s the one thing that exercise has taught you?



13.  Do you listen to music while exercising? What do you listen to?

Yes. Pop music.


14. Do you prefer to exercise individually or in a group?


Exercise has taught her self-discipline.