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One brand’s feeding bottle can also be used to store porridge and snacks, and is spill-free to boot, writes Syida Lizta Amirul Ihsan

I FELL in love with the Hegen feeding bottle by accident. I received a set as a door gift at an event and one day, when I ran out of containers to put my son’s porridge, I used it and thought that it was impressive because not a drop spilt on the lining of my Neverfull.

I carry a mum’s bag filled with a baby’s necessities and that includes liquids that may spill. My bag has suffered through spillage of milk, purees, water and even porridge, and not even a trip to a bag spa can bring its old glory back

I have learnt never to take the “no-spill promise” of products until I test them myself and the Hegen bottle is just amazing. Instead of a screw cap like other feeding bottles, the Hegen bottle in a soft square, uses the twist mechanism and the grey rubber on the inside of the lid makes sure every drop of liquid is kept in the bottle, not dripping into your bag.

The 5oz bottle is meant for breast milk and the elliptical teat that comes with it help prevents colic. But colic isn’t a problem with my son, Murshid, so I cannot really test that out.

Spill-free bottles


But more than a bottle, Hegen founder Yvon Bock wants something multi-purpose so the products don’t go to waste once a baby stops bottle feeding.

The bottle also works as a snack container since it’s airtight. As for me, I use it to store Murshid’s porridge when we go out. I like the bottle so much I even use it at home to feed him, instead of using his bowl. Reason? My son likes to swipe the bowl off my hand and if I’m unguarded, the bowl and its content end up on the floor.

The Hegen bottle gives me more control because of its size and shape, and it’s harder for him to topple it over from my hands and because it’s small, it elicits less interest in him.

The same container can be used to store snacks, cereals, juices, puree… you name it. The rubber on the inside can be removed during washing and the plastic used to make the bottle can be cleaned easily.

The bottles can be used to store a myriad of food items.

Breast milk is oily and the oil can linger inside normal baby bottles, but not this one. You don’t even have to clean it with hot water.

The company also sells accessories that can be used with this bottle, like a plastic divider, if you want to put two types of snacks in one bottle. The lid comes with either a teat, or is just flat so mothers can transform the bottle accordingly.

It’s really a cool invention, something that a mother like me finds useful and time-saving. And because mothers are always pressed for time with a million things to do, that’s all that matters.

You can buy the lid and seal separately.

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