A newly opened children’s play gym at a hotel has Meera Murugesan and her daughter captivated

ANYONE who has or is raising a young child will attest to his or her energy level.

I can safely say that I find it almost impossible to catch up with my seven year old. She never slows down - ever!

It doesn’t help of course that I’m an older mum and the idea of running after an excited child is just too much of a strain on my tired muscles.

I try to convince her that sit-down games (the ones which involve me lying on the sofa) are a lot more fun but she never falls for the trick.

The only way I can catch a break is to take her to play gyms. There, she’s in her element and it keeps her occupied for a good two hours or more which is a good thing because children need active play on a daily basis.

Waka Waka KL at Furama Bukit Bintang has just recently been launched. It’s targeted at children between the ages of 2-12.

I took my daughter there during an overnight stay at the hotel and true enough, from the moment we entered the gates of the playland, she zipped around like “Speedy Gonzales” from Looney Tunes - remember that adorable cartoon character?

Before I could even shout “be careful!”, she had already clambered up a “mountain”, swung through a “moat” and slid down a giant slide while gleefully encouraging kids around her to follow suit.

A place to run, climb and slide.


I have to admit, If I were a child, I would find the place enticing too. It’s like Camelot come to life with castles and carriages, dragons and heroic knights and pretty damsels (none of them in distress mind you).

It has an old world theme but modern equipment and obstacle courses designed to appeal to every child’s love of physical and imaginary play.

At Waka Waka KL your child can be a prince or princess “fighting” a dragon or saving the castle while putting their skills in climbing, crawling, running and jumping to good use.

They can crawl through tunnels and bounce on safe and colourful play

equipment, all of which has been designed to develop their balance,

speed, agility and coordination.

Camelot come to life.

Furama Bukit Bintang’s general manager, Chua Adrian says too many children nowadays are addicted to gadgets and the hotel realised there was a need to create a safe space for children to explore and develop their creativity through physical play, especially children living in the city.

Even during vacation, many children remain glued to their gadgets which is why the hotel has a Stay and Play package, which includes a complimentary entrance and a combo meal at Waka Waka KL.

“We want to get children into the habit of exercising and make it a fun

activity that will encourage kids to stay active throughout their

lives. A child’s social skills can also be built through active play.”

A carriage fit for a princess.

My daughter’s favourite was the mountain slide. One has to climb up a “mountain” using just a rope and at the top is the “prize” - a super slide that brings you safely down.

She did invite me to clamber up the mountain with her but I didn’t think it wise to scare the other kids with the sight of a forty something woman (who has never exercised) attempting a rope climb.

Like most parents I opted to sit it out at the cafe inside Waka Waka KL to enjoy some refreshments.

With over 10,000 square feet of play space, this is also a gym where there’s ample space for children to run around. There are separate play sections for older children and toddlers and art and craft activities conducted by in-house staff.

“It’s a space for your little ones to unleash their energy and imagination,” says Chua.

Waka Waka KL is also available as a dedicated space to host children’s parties, workshops and contests.

Up a mountain and down a slide.

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IF you’re planning a family stay at Furama Bukit Bintang, do opt for the hotel’s recently launched themed rooms - Castle, Jungle or Underwater.

The Castle-themed room has a fun double decker bed with a slide!

Your child will keep himself active and occupied even in the room with dragon plush toys and giant building blocks. The castle theme is played out in the entire room, from bedding and curtains right down to rugs and robes.

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Each booking will also be entitled to a complimentary pass with unlimited playtime at Waka Waka KL.

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The room has the same castle theme.

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