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This March 21, 2019, pic shows representatives of InterVenn Biosciences and Clinical Research Malaysia after a meeting. - Pic source:

KUALA LUMPUR: InterVenn Biosciences has announced its capability to correctly predict samples from patients with nasopharyngeal cancer with 100 per cent accuracy in a research study evaluating 100 samples.

The study was carried out in collaboration with the Institute for Medical Research, National Institutes of Health, Ministry of Health Malaysia. It was made possible through facilitation by Clinical Research Malaysia, an agency under the ministry.

The samples were studied by InterVenn using its proprietary approach to analyse glycoproteins using artificial intelligence (AI), according to a statement.

The company is in talks with international partners to help expedite commercialisation and clinical validation of a new diagnostic for nasal cancer and other indications.

Glycoproteins remain the most commonly used form of blood based markers for cancer as many existing blood based cancer biomarkers lack sensitivity when used for screening.

Using a highly sensitive glycoproteomics technology coupled with AI, panels of novel glycoprotein markers which correspond to cancers could be identified.

The approach used in this analysis is similar to the company’s ongoing liquid biopsy to investigate a clinical decision-making tool for ovarian cancer, aiming to distinguish malignant pelvic tumours from benign ones.

Intervenn Biosciences, which has offices in the United States, Malaysia and Philippines, is changing the way the world deals with cancer and other diseases by combining mass spectrometry and AI to unlock glycoproteomics for biomarker and target discovery.

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