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IT might be February already, but it’s still not too late to cultivate a better lifestyle.

Local healthy snack brand Amazin' Graze wants to tell everyone that living a healthy life is very much achievable, even with a hectic schedule.

It recently launched, "A Better Me Is Coming" campaign and has partnered with a host of wellness brands to offer wellness starter kit boxes to start you off on your chosen health journey.

The Start Right box—comes with a planner by Mossery—a weekly horizontal thread bound planner, suitable for daily journaling and ample space to spare for tasks.

The Start Right box with a Mossery planner.

The Start Strong box, meanwhile, has an eco-friendly yoga mat to give excellent grip and firm cushioning for your yoga poses.

Also in those boxes are supplements by POPStore Singapore, metal straw sets from The Hive, and vouchers from six gyms for various workouts so you can do what you are familiar with and also try out new classes—who knows, you might find yourself a new favourite workout.

The Start Strong box has an eco-friendly yoga mat.

There’s a full week open gym voucher from Anytime Fitness, yoga classes at Ohanajo Studio, Crosssfit at Crossfit Pahlawan, boxing at Tribe and Barre workout at Barre-D.

From Amazin’ Graze, there are packs of granola, nut butters and nut mix to help you eat better. Details at

It’s never too late to start your health journey.

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