The Spacious lobby
Treat yourself to a wonderful treatment at Lexis Spa
Sing all night long at Starz Karaoke
If the private pool isn’t big enough, there’s a well-landscaped free-form swimming pool
The spacious and inviting Grand Pool Villa
Now, isn’t this an inviting sight?
Take a walk along the boardwalk as you enjoy the breeze from the South China Sea

Grand Lexis Port Dickson brings back sweet memories of her late mother for Zalina Mohd Som

IT’S hard not to think of my late Mak when our buggy zooms on the boardwalk towards our Premium Pool Villa located at the end of the walk.

The 400m boardwalk from the edge of the shore, where most of Grand Lexis Port Dickson’s facilities are located, brings up many memories.

We can almost see her sitting at the gazebo while enjoying the evening air and can feel her hand in our palms as we walk with her along the boardwalk.

As we are further away from thewater, we hear laughter and screams amidst the sound of splashing water. Ah, some of the guests are enjoying the private pool inside their villa.

Immediately, images of Mak in the pool with my niece and nephew appear in my head. I can almost hear her laughter. And my sister is starting to be overwhelmed with emotions.

Mak loved Grand Lexis Port Dickson. This beautiful resort was her favourite hotel whenever we planned a short getaway to Port Dickson, the iconic beach resort in Negeri Sembilan.

She loved its Balinese-style water villa and dip pool. The villa’s wooden flooring and spaciousness reminded her of her late father’s old house while the dip pool gave her the confidence to let her grandchildren jump in without much supervision.


When we’re told our villa is “yang paling hujung” (the furthest), we think the woman is just being kind as she insists we take the buggy ride.

It turns out that our unit is the corner unit on the furthest row from land. We only have neighbours at the above unit and the one next to us.

“This is the most favoured unit by our guests,” says the friendly concierge worker who ferries my family from the main building’s driveway.

When he opens the door, I am filled with warm memories. The setting is exactly like my last stay with Mak four years ago. This is our first stay at Grand Lexis without her.

My niece and nephew rush in and go straight to the back of the villa, looking for the obvious – the inviting green dip pool.

Following them is my friend’s son, Afiq who, with his mother, had stayed in the resort a couple of months ago but not in a Premium Pool Villa. And there’s another friend who, so far, has only heard stories of this resort.

Yes, there are seven of us in the villa and this short getaway is our first in our own way.


It’s a free and easy weekend. We check in with no plan but “to buy a lot of tidbits”. And we do that. The rest of the stay is for us to chill and relax.

The boys – Hafiy and Afiq – already plan our sleeping arrangement for the two nights. They will make up their sleeping area with cushions and pillows at one corner, my sister will sleep with her daughter and the three aunts – my friends and I – will share one bed.

Even though they just met at the lobby earlier, the two boys are quick to work together – arranging all the snacks and food at the kitchen, giving out towels to each of us and setting their own timing to jump into the pool.

Ah, now I get it. They work together so they can quickly jump into the water and stay there for as long as they can. Nice move, boys!

My sister and her daughter are busy taking selfies and photos to update their friends while the three of us talk away as if we haven’t met for years!

Then we get into the right attire and jump into the pool to join the boys.

This is basically what we do throughout our stay. When the food supply is running low,we make a short drive to a hypermarketand get more snacks.

So, if you ask me what we did during the two-night, my answer is: making new memories at Grand Lexis Port Dickson.



Batu 2, Jalan Seremban

Port Dickson

Negri Sembilan

Tel: 06-6532000

Fax: 06-6515330



240 private villas of three categories — above the seas living, garden living and sky high living. The villas have warm Balinese-inspired deco and are luxuriously furnished. Best of all, each villa has its own pool.


Four outlets – the all-day dining Duyung Restaurant, Lanun Bar fun pub, Pool Cafe and Gen Japanese Restaurant.


It is a well-equipped self-contained resort. There are various recreational activities for everyone, from fun activities like Segway ride, archery and theme-park-like swimming pool to the game arcade at Kidz World. There are also Starz Karaoke, Lexis Spa and a gymnasium.


Next door is its sister resort Lexis Port Dickson. Though these two resorts share the same compound, each has a different feel. The resort is surrounded by a housing area so a walk out of the resort’s perimeter will take you to the neighbourhood. But there’s nothing much to do or see there.


It’s spacious — very spacious! — water villas that can fit two king-size beds and still have space to fit another, maybe two, queen-size beds. But the star of my villa is none other than the private dip pool. Not a Jacuzzi size but big enough to allow me to swim five strokes from end to end. But, of course, I am not that tall to begin with.


There’s nothing touristy about the surrounding area. So, it’s either you keep busy with the resort facilities or take a drive. The nearest “happening” place is the Dataran Segar township where Giant Hypermarket is located.