These four eco-retreats offer traditional holistic healing systems

WITH climate change and global warming, how can one practise “responsible travel”? According to the World Tourism Organisation, sustainable tourism can be defined as “Tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment and host communities.”

Enter CGH Earth, an ecologically conscious luxurious hospitality group behind these four wellness retreats located across Kerala.

CGH Earth Wellness Retreat endorses that less is more and that true luxury is an experience rooted in simplicity and which doesn’t ruin the planet.


Built in 2006, SwaSwara is located on Om beach,GokarnainKarnataka.Itoffersyoga, pranayama, ayurveda, meditation, healthy diet, interactive cooking, guided art yoga and communing with nature — experiences that will invoke “SwaSwara”, the music of the soul.

SwaSwara’s wide range of facilities include an ayurveda treatment centre, multiple yoga and meditation spaces including larges halls, beach-side yoga deck and a meditation deck on a cliff overlooking the cove , yogic kriya centre, swimming pool, art studio, library, two restaurants and 24 private villas. There are also special spaces, including a meditation hill for special focus yoga sessions.


Built in 2017, Prakriti Shakti practises healing through nature, the only way to heal from within and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit. As much as Prakriti Shakti is about finding the root cause of the symptom, it is also about preventive cure.

By harnessing the elements of nature and with the teachings of yoga and meditation, the physicians will help you understand your body,mind and spirit, introduce you to the innate healing force and handhold you through the healing process.

Here, they offer naturopathy, a holistic system of medicine which recognises the

inherent self-healing capacity of the body and provides a conducive environment to nurture the healer from within. Being drugless and non-invasive, curing is aided solely through natural elements.


Kalari Kovilakom, which was built in 2005, offers various aspects of the Ayurvedic healing process.

Located near Kollangode in the Palghat District of North Kerala, India, and fringed on one side by the majestic Western Ghat mountain ranges,the 200-year-old palace is where history meets natural tranquility.

Owned by the Vengunad chieftains, direct descendants of Prince Dharmavarman, Kalari Kovilakom Palace was originally surrounded by Venga trees that have healing properties. The place naturally caught Prince Dharmavarman’s attention, who was believed to have gone to Kollangode to heal a serious skin ailment. The fresh spring waters and the mountain air cured him. Later, his grandson Vira Ravi who inherited the land, was said to have started the Kalari Kovilakom legacy.

CGH Earth Group retained the palace’s legacy and historical value when converting it into a place for traditional Ayurvedic healing. Thanks to its efforts, the spirit of tradition has been kept alive at Kalari Kovilakom.

Set within the palace grounds of the old Vengunad kingdom, Kalari Kovilakom offers 18 suites with modern amenities and a clinic with 12 treatment rooms. The living spaces and the gardens at Kalari Kovilakom complement the healing process with its nurturing and warm environment.


An expansive feeling of oneness with the environment, an all-pervading sense of openness that envelopes your body and spirit, a gentle throwback to a quieter pace of life where Nature is an ever-tangible presence are what define the Kalari

Rasayana experience.

Built in 2012, it is located in the lap of the Paravoor backwaters and surrounded by thick coconut groves and floating mini islands. Kalari Rasayana or the “Song of the Lake” is a place that heals by its tranquillity and beauty.

Central to the experience is Ayurveda itself, practised at its authentic and traditional best. The Ayurvedic therapy as prescribed by the Vaidyas (doctor) includes various treatments suited to individual conditions along with their accompanying detox processes such as ghee intake and massages, besides internal and external medicines.

Spread over 32,374 square metres of coconut groveland, Kalari Rasayana offers 22 rooms with modern amenities and a clinic with 11 treatment rooms.

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