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From seeing the sky at your feet on a mysterious island, to delighting in beautiful paddy fields, the Selangor coastline has enchanting delights, writes Hanna Hussein

AT least once a month, my husband and I drive to Pasir Penambang in Kuala Selangor to eat delicious fresh seafood. It’s not that far from Kuala Lumpur, just a short 90-minute drive, which makes it a hotspot for fresh seafood.

But that is not the only thing the northern coast of Selangor (which is made up of two districts, Kuala Selangor and Sabak Bernam) has to offer. There’s a lot more to see and do here. Its location and connectivity to the Klang Valley makes this coast an ideal destination for those looking for a quick and easy getaway for some fun.

Here are of some of the cool things you can do here.


Just an eight-minute drive from the town of Kuala Selangor is Sky Mirror Jetty (also known as Pekan Lama Jetty), the launch-pad to Sky Mirror, Malaysia’s version of Salar de Uyuni, the world-famous salt flats in Bolivia.

Named after the mirror-like reflection found in this place, it is an island located 1.74 nautical miles off the coast that only emerges during a certain ideal tides. It appears only when the sea level is low, which is usually from the first to the 15th of the lunar month, and four days before and after the dates. This situation is what makes Sky Mirror a unique attraction. The thin layer of water over the island affords a stunning reflection of the sky. Like the Bolivian flats, Sky Mirror thus becomes a photogenic spot during these times.

To get to the island, you have to book a chartered boat that departs from the Sky Mirror Jetty (also known as Pekan Lama Jetty). Be aware that the attraction does not open daily, thus advance booking is highly recommended. Enquire about dates and the boarding schedule way earlier before your travel dates, just to avoid

Depending on the day, you can opt for either the normal day trip which departs in the morning, or the special sunset tour which offers a mesmerising evening scenery. It takes about half an hour from the jetty to the "spot". From afar, the scene on the island looks like people walking on water in the middle of the sea but once the boat gets nearer, you’ll see that they are actually standing on the island’s flat surface. It’s so fascinating!

When you arrive on the island, a tour guide will usher you to a good spot for a photo, making sure that there are no "photobombs" in the background before setting up his working space. Yes, he will be your personal photographer for the day. Don’t be shy about posing! Colourful rainbow umbrellas, toy figurines like cute minion and fierce dinosaurs and many more cool fun props are provided to make your photos artistic!

The activity takes about an hour and then the tour heads back to the jetty. For your safety, you will have to board the boat before the tide gets high.

Other cool activities available at the location include Eagle Feeding Tour and Firefly Tour.

Get creative and shoot away at Sky Mirror


Drive 32km north along the coast and the scenic drive along Federal Route 5 will take you to Sekinchan, a small beach-side town in the neighbouring district of Sabak Bernam.

However, its coast is not the reason that throngs of visitors visit the quiet town. They come for its vast paddy fields and quaint kampung scene which have shot Sekinchan to international fame after getting featured in the 2014 romantic Hong Kong drama Outbound Love.

Sekinchan is actually a major rice producing area in Malaysia. The vast, well-irrigated and organised paddy fields around the town produce one of the highest yields of rice in the country. It’s said that no visit to Sekinchan is complete unless you have taken a photo of yourself with the paddy field in the background.

It’s good to know the seasons for optimum photography satisfaction. The field is green from mid March to May and mid September to November, yellowish from mid May to June, and mid November to December. There are two resting periods —
January to February and July to August, not exactly the ideal times for photo-taking. Nevertheless, you can always visit its Paddy Processing Factory and Gallery to learn more about paddy planting.

While you’re still in town, check out the famous Pantai Redang, which was also featured in the Hong Kong drama and famous for the eye-catching Wishing Tree; Ah Ma’s house, a traditional bakery housed in a kampung house; and the giant mangoes that Sekinchan is so famous for.

If you’re looking for a nearby place to stay, Padi Box is a good option. Just as the name suggests, it’s an affordable homestay, and looks like a box in a middle of a paddy field.

Basically, the imaginative space is designed and built from renewable freight containers — it’s so cool and picturesque. The colourful vibrant facade surrounded by the lush green definitely makes great Insta-worthy photos.

Padi Box offers six types of accommodation: standard two-pax room on the ground floor (RM118 per night), standard two-pax room on the upper floor (RM128), standard four-pax room (RM158), double room with private balcony on the ground floor (RM138), family room for six on the ground floor (RM240) and family room for six with a window view on the ground floor (RM240).

Each room is equipped with comfortable beds, private bathroom, TV and free WIFI. It’s an ideal place for families and friends as well as couples who want some unique experiences.

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