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A hotel in Shah Alam is perfect for a quiet getaway, writes Syida Lizta Amirul Ihsan

THE Saujana Hotel has long been a favourite spot for a quiet getaway. Many years ago, my family went there for a holiday because my parents wanted to take their grandsons to a hotel with ample horizontal space.

A lot of development has been going on in the area — there are new housing and commercial developments and there’s Citta Mall nearby — but over the decades, the property is still holding its own. I check in with my son for a weekend stay at the property and after we get into our executive deluxe room overlooking the vast, grassy area, Murshid looks down from the sofa and exclaims, “Park! Park!”

The pool area is tranquil and peaceful.

My son loves the outdoors and he likes to go to the park on weekends so any large field is a park by his standard.

The room is spacious and comfortable with the wardrobe and bed arranged in a way that there is an empty stretch from the door to the window at the end of the room. This translates into an adequate playing space for the little boy where he can kick his ball from one end to the other.


I like the room for its amenities — and the coffee machine tops my list. I love my coffee and I have a machine at home, so any hotel room with one scores brownie points with me. The coffee machine is semi-automatic, which means you have to press the button for a certain time for espresso, and longer for long black.

The mattress is sturdy and helps both of us get a good night’s sleep. Murshid sleeps until 7am, an achievement considering he is often up by 6am. There’s also a bath tub that works as another pool when your child refuses to get out of the outdoor pool even when his skin has turned wrinkly.

Spacious club room, comfortable for a small family.

But best of all is the quiet tranquility we both feel at the hotel. It feels peaceful yet the hotel is just 30 minutes away from home. I instantly know where I will go in the future if I need silence without leaving the city.


We have dinner at Kogetsu and the chef is kind enough to prepare a separate meal for my son — a combination of garlic fried rice and prawn tempura which he happily chows down.

Kogetsu serves great Japanese fare.

My meal is a set specially prepared by the chef. It consists of sushi, rice and the best part — diced wagyu beef, grilled to perfection. The meal is too filling for dinner though, since I usually eat light.

The next day, we go to Charcoal for breakfast. The options are few, but the food is tasty. After that, we head out to Bangsar for Murshid’s football class and after lunch, we head to the pool, and he loves the kid’s pool so much I have a hard time getting him to leave since we need to pack and check out.

I wish we have more time to spend at The Saujana Hotel, because unlike other city staycations, this one is calming and tranquil.

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