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THE Movement Control Order is in its second day now. As we make ourselves comfortable at home, there is one thing that’s constantly in our minds: What to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

While there are many restaurants out there offering take-outs, you can also be a little bit “adventurous” by preparing your own meals at home. And save some money too in the process!

Check out these simple but yet delicious meals that you can easily whip up at home.


This is probably the hottest style of sandwich, and it comes all the way from Japan!

Popular since 2016, the sandwich usually comes in colourful lakers of veggies, meat, cheese and eggs.

At a glance, it looks quite impossible to bite into the massive sando with one mouthful.

To hold these massive ingredients together, thick and fluffy breads (lightly toasted on each side) like the Japanese shokupan are used.

Well, if you don’t have shokupan at home, your normal white or wholemeal bread will do.


1. Spread a layer of butter on your choice of bread and toast them lightly on a pan.

2. Next, using the same pan, fry an egg and grill a piece of ham.

3. Get a few layers of iceberg lettuce and fold them into squares.

4. Now, to assemble your sandwich: Lay the bread on top of a parchment paper, and start layering the fillings, from solid items like ham, followed by cheese, eggs and lettuce. Lastly, close the sandwich by placing the other half of the bread on the top.

5. Wrap the sandwich as tightly as you can, just like how you will wrap a present. Let it set aside for 5-10 minutes before halving them.


No coffee machine at home doesnt mean you can’t enjoy your tall glass of iced latte. Let’s make one. You just need coffee ice cubes and milk.


1. Brew some strong black coffee, let cool and pour into ice trays. Freeze it.

2. Place your desired amount of coffee ice cubes in a clear glass (well, to get that aesthetic look). Pour your choice of milk into the glass, and voila, your iced latte is ready!


Ok, here’s something for you to sip and have with a plate of hot steaming rice.

The recipe is so simple even the single guys can easily make it. The main ingredients are eggs and chicken stock or chicken cubes!


1. Saute chopped garlic and ginger in a pot on a medium heat till golden.

2. Add water until it boils. Drop one chicken cube into the pot, and salt for taste. Let it boil.

3. Finally, add in the eggs. Cook the way you prefer - soft or hard.

Tip: To make it taste super good and healthy, add vegetables (such as potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower or mushroom). For an extra zing, you can also put some crushed bird eye chillies!

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