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SCHOOL holidays can be a wonderful time for the family, or it can easily turn into a nightmare. For those families who have smartly planned for it, the next few weeks will be one to cherish.

For those who’ve yet to put some thought into what they’re going to do, it’s probably going to be a long break that they’d rather forget.

So how can we, smart parents, turn the holidays into something memorable? In this second part of the article, I’ve listed some activities that you can do as a family and have a blast doing it.


If you’re the urban type and enjoy modern amenities, you’ll be able to put a huge smile on your children’s faces by taking them and their friends out. Go bowling, or to the movies, or any other place suited for their age. Let them have meals together and enjoy.


If you have a good home theatre system in the house, this is probably a great time to put it to work for you. Buy or rent several good movies and watch these with the family. I usually go to our local Video EZ store for the latest (and original) movies on DVD. It’s great as it does not cost me a bomb to rent one.


Aside from movies, you can also have a lot of fun playing games with the children. Think of charades, win-lose-draw, Scrabbles, Monopoly, chess, card games ...there are so many choices. Order some food while you’re at it and divide into teams e.g. parents vs kids, or boys vs girls. Make it interesting too. Perhaps the losers will have to serve breakfast, in bed, to the winners the next day!


This can be birthday parties, or just a “no-reason-party”. Invite your children’s friends to your home and have a party.

Prepare some simple food and games for them. Let them run wild and just have a blast.


After the party, why not allow for your children’s friends to stay back (with their parents’ permission) for a sleepover. Loosen up the rules for this one — allow them to stay up later than normal. They will thank you for that.

And there you have it. Here are just some simple ideas on how to make this school holiday highly memorable.

Here’s wishing you a happy and productive school holidays that will bring your family closer together.

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