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Inspired by the Merdeka mood, Eggxtra restaurant here has unveiled its very own Nasi Lemak Burger to capture the fancy of local foodies.

MELAKA: The battle to create the definitive Nasi Lemak Burger is heating up, as a Melaka eatery has become the latest to charge onto the culinary battlefield with its unique gastronomic offering.

Inspired by the Merdeka mood, Eggxtra restaurant here has unveiled its very own Nasi Lemak Burger to capture the fancy of local foodies.

Its owner, Gan Chai Yee, 33, said the idea of creating the local rendition of the western burger came to her following the hype created by McDonald's Singapore and local burger joint myBurgerLab introducing their competing Nasi Lemak Burgers recently.

"The Merdeka month is when we enjoy (doing something special) every year, because it is the time when we get to do something that reflects our Malaysian (heritage).

"This year, there is a craze going around over the Nasi Lemak Burger because Singapore’s McDonald's has it – but it's funny that Malaysia's McDonald's is serving the Spicy Korean Burger instead," she said.

Gan reasoned that since all the ingredients for Nasi Lemak are available at her cafe, she’d help Melakans wanting a taste of the Nasi Lemak Burger by offering it herself, saving them the trouble of travelling to Kuala Lumpur (where myBurgerLab is based) or Singapore.

"We (originally) wanted to create a Nasi Lemak Cake, but the burger seemed like something more acceptable.

"We started planning this since July, and experimented with eight to nine different variations before we finally settled on this for our menu," she added.

Gan said that together with her chef, she made sure that their Merdeka-inspired burger tasted 'Malaysian' – before offering it to customers on Aug 7.

"A lot of our regular customers like (trying new things) and they seemed to like the presentation and taste," she said, adding that the Nasi Lemak Burger is available until Sept 17.

Gan said that this is not the first time the cafe has come out with a gastronomic Merdeka novelty.

She said last year’s special offerings include Nasi Lemak Toast and Satay Toast.

"The response was encouraging, with more people favouring the Satay Toast over the Nasi Lemak Toast. More than a hundred dishes were sold throughout the Merdeka month last year," she said.

Eggxtra’s Nasi Lemak Burger comprises a fried chicken patty covered with a layer of sambal sauce, and includes a fried egg sprinkled with ikan bilis and peanuts. The whole thing is sandwiched between two soft buns.

"We also replace lettuce with cucumbers, and (sprinkle) a little bit of Nasi Lemak rice at the bottom, to give the burger a taste of santan and pandan.

"We also replace the usual fries with keropok ikan to give it a truly Malaysian flavour," she said.

To complement the set, Gan said she also introduced the Bandung milkshake.

"The response has been good so far. The kids enjoy the Bandung milkshake with a scoop of ice cream on top, while the adults would eat the spicy Nasi Lemak Burger," she said.

Eggxtra is a 4-year-old cafe located along Jalan Melaka Raya 15, offering customers a variety of egg-based breakfast sets, as well as local cuisines.

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