Create a vertical garden using hanging bamboo planters.

Bamboo planters can add a beautiful touch to your garden, yard or patio. And when you have little space in your garden, it’s time to put your bamboo hat on and get creative!

Hang your bamboo planters from a ceiling or poles and you’ll have a pretty vertical garden. The hanging bamboo planters make an excellent alternative to using recycled and hollowed plastic bottles as vertical garden planters.

Bamboo planters of different sizes and lengths also allow you to pack a lot of plants in small spaces. Cascading plants such as money plants and morning glory look especially nice. And they’re perfect as privacy screens. The denser and longer the plants are, the better your natural screens will be.

Bamboo is incredibly strong, lightweight, lasting in both the outdoors and indoors, and cheap too. You can order readily-made bamboo planters from online sellers. The planters come pre-drilled with holes for the potting soil and the ‘drainage’ for water to go through. A planter that constantly remains full of water will cause plants to decay or die. It’s also better to get bamboos that have been treated for insects and pests, and varnished. Go for unvarnished if you prefer the all-natural look

Bamboo vases attached to a wooden panel look good both for outdoor and indoor decor.


It may be hard to find bamboo planters in garden retail stores in the country but a good alternative would be to convert bamboo containers, such as vases and buckets, into planters. Put pots in bamboo baskets and hang them. Or hook the hollowed bamboos with your choice of plants onto walls. Combine various items made of bamboo poles, slats or strips, either plaited, woven or spun to get varied bamboo shapes and textures that can make your garden decor look unique. Place them at different levels — some hanging, some on raised platforms and some on the ground. The effect can be quite enchanting.

A handy bamboo planter to grow herbs for the kitchen.

Plants with blooms of different colours will provide the contrast to the natural colour of the bamboo. You can also grow herbs in your bamboo planters and place them in the backyard near your kitchen. The combination of bamboo poles with a wooden frame looks good too and make for nice indoor decor.

All plants eventually outgrow their pots and their roots become ‘root-bound’. If plants are root-bound for a long time, they’ll suffer as there are no more nutrients left for the roots. You’ll find that leaves will not grow densely and healthily. New shoots also don’t grow often and if they do, their clumps will not be thick. When this happens, you need to re-pot or divide the plants and grow the separate clumps in more bamboo planters or elsewhere.

Bamboo planters for the all-natural look.

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