WE live in an age where all kinds of tools and devices are widely available to help us keep healthy and fit. And the devices are getting smarter and smarter. Here are five innovative new devices that are (or will soon be) available this year.


Unlike other glucose monitors which typically require you to stick a needle in your body, Glutrac is a smart wearable for non-invasive glucose monitoring. It works by measuring interstitial fluids (those outside your blood vessels) when you scan your index finger on an optical touch-screen sensor.

Using artificial intelligence and deep learning to calculate your blood glucose levels, the company claims an accuracy rate of 90 per cent. The fact that it’s a wearable means that you can now measure, in real time, your body date, anytime and anywhere.


The Withings ScanWatch is the world’s first smart watch. It is able to detect sleep apnoea episodes. Sleep apnoea is detected through a sensor that monitors your oxygen saturation levels. This is achieved by emitting and absorbing light that is passed through your blood vessels throughout the night. ScanWatch features a classic analogue design but includes a digital display at the top that is capable of displaying various health data.


YogiFi is a smart yoga mat embedded with sensors that allows you to track your progress on posture, strength, flexibility and balance. Voice instruction provides correctional feedback. It works with third-party wearables such as Apple Watch and FitBit to track and correlate body vitals in the context of yoga practice sessions. It’s available in May.


Cubii is an elliptical machine that allows you to exercise while sitting at a desk! It is designed to fit under most desks, with the recommended desk height from the floor to the underside being at least 58.3 cm. Unlike other desk exercise machines, Cubii’s ergonomic design mimics the motion of an elliptical. This means that the range of motion is lower and puts less pressure on your knees.

The number of calories burned varies based on the resistance setting and the speed of rotation but it’s quite possible to burn up to 150 calories per hour on the Cubii. Through a Bluetooth connection to your wearable device, you can track, share and set goals.


If you don’t like the idea of doing anything like stationary cycling and would rather do some running outdoors, you should look into Nurvv Run, which is an insole designed to help you run faster and to reduce your chances of injury.

Its smart insoles have a whopping 32 embedded sensors that capture data 1,000 times per second. It pairs with an app to provide real-time suggestions on factors like cadence, step length, pronation, balance and more. You can receive audio coaching feedback using wired or Bluetooth headphones and it’s compatible with both Apple and Android.

Oon Yeoh is a consultant with experiences in print, online and mobile media. Reach him at [email protected].

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