KUALA LUMPUR: Bestinet Sdn Bhd, the firm behind the Foreign Workers Centralised management System's (FWCMS) said that it doesn’t have any contract with the government, as it was asked to prove itself first.

FWCMS is a multi-touch-point system, involving a full-fledged web-based online management system backed by a secure data processing management infrastructure developed for the government.

FWCMS features three modules; the bio-medical examination, eVDR (Visa with Reference) and e-Insurance to ensure migrant workers are deemed eligible for work by the Immigration Department cross border requirements and protects the welfare of the workers.

Bestinet executive chairman, Tan Sri Azmi Khalid said that the government wanted ‘proof of concept’ that the implementation of the FWCMS worked efficiently cutting out all the leakages, costing billions to the government.

Azmi, who met reporters to clarify on its recent suspension of FWCMS and biometric health checks by the Immigration Department after media reports claiming hike in visa processing fees from RM15 to RM250, alleged monopoly of foreign workers application and the company’s close ties with the government.

Azmi was former Home Minister from 2004 to 2006 while another director is the former Labour Department Datuk Tengku Omar Tengku Bot, an issue brought up by PKR.

“I was not comfortable without a contract but the government wanted ‘proof of concept’, so we have to physically implement the system. I do hope the government would reconsider the concept again.

“We have not imposed any charges on workers or employers but will instead charge medical centres that use our system if the government allows us to do it at the source countries.

“There is no sense of monopoly; we are providing a system for the good of the employer without any intimidation or exploitation.

“All the security information belongs to the government, the system doesn’t allow any changes; everything is tightly controlled by the government,” he said, adding that they worked five years to build the system and raised interest in other countries.

Azmi also said that the FWCMS was able to cut the processing of visas from three months to 48 hours with only medically fit foreign workers entering the country.

The system will help reduce 99 per cent of illegal foreign workers, as well as resolve issues from end to end by reducing face to face contact, promising integrity and avoiding leakages, Azmi added.

Bestinet chief executive officer Azril Rizak Abdullah said they were only informed verbally by the department about the suspension but do have a letter to proceed with operations.

On the hike in fees, Azril said that it could be done by a third party at source countries.

Azril also explained that their bio-medical is linked to 11 source countries involving some 200 medical centres.

“Previously, there were many issues with fake medical certification and unfit workers entering the country. Now only the fit goes through the system.

“The system avoids any impersonation, everything is done online. The module is holistic from getting the workers to returning them to their home countries while providing them insurance.

“It saves times because the Immigration Department officers don’t have to key in the data. So far 5,000 have registered to use the system linking to 19 insurance companies,” he said, adding that Immigration approved 300 applications in 48 hours.

On the suspension, Azril said they were informed verbally by the department while the hike in charges could have been done by a third party in the source country.

Indonesian Manpower Services Association deputy president Mahdi Husen also came out to support Bestinet saying perhaps there were establishment appointed by the ministry that collected the alleged fees.

Mahdi added that there were many issues with illegal and unfit foreign workers.

“We don’t know who is charging the fees. There are many trying to make illegal profit from this because sometimes we send 40,000 workers through the system but 50,000 workers returned.

“FWCMS has been implemented in Indonesia by medical check-up centres and it is a forward solution for both countries in ensuring the welfare of its people,” he said.

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