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RANAU: Mount Kinabalu climbers can now commemorate their climb by posting letters and postcards via the highest post box placed at Pendant Hut, Laban Rata area at the mountain.

Pos Malaysia Bhd today launched its 3,110th post box here, setting a new entry to the Malaysia Book of Records by becoming the highest post box at 3,289 metres above sea level.

Communications and Multimedia Deputy Minister Datuk Jailani Johari officiated the event today in a ceremony here at Kinabalu National Park, also known as the entrance of the mountain.

"We have erected the post box on February 8 and many climbers especially tourists have made use of it in this past one week ... We believe sending postcards are still relevant in today's world especially for travellers as it provides a special and personal touch," said Pos Malaysia group acting chief executive officer Azlan Shahrim.

Reachable by four to six hours of climb from Kinabalu Park, the post box is hoped to further promote and increase the popularity of the 4,095 metre Mount Kinabalu to the world.

A dedicated postman is assigned to collect postal articles from the post box at noon on daily basis during weekdays. The items will then be sent to Ranau Post Office the next morning for processing.

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