Actress and television personality, Noorneelofa Mohd Noor or popularly known as Neelofa EMAIL

KUALA LUMPUR: The month of Ramadan has opened the heart of beautiful actress and television personality, Noorneelofa Mohd Noor to change her appearance and don the hijab.

She decided to make the spiritual hijrah to cover her aurat (modesty) after sahur on the first day of Ramadan or fasting month for Muslims.

When contacted, Norneelofa or popularly known as Neelofa, said she is grateful as what she wanted all this while is fulfilled.

"I had doubts (wearing the hijab) at first but now it is clear, this is what I want and I am grateful," she said.

Neelofa who is also host for Nona on TV3 said her transition was sincere and no coercion.

News of Neelofa’s spiritual hijrah was confirmed by her younger sister with a post on Instagram.

“The beautiful month of Ramadan has a lot in it. Especially if you allow yourself to be closer to Allah by doing more and more Ibadah everyday.

For kak love though, Ramadan this year has made her realised that covering her hair with hijab has brought peace and calmness to her, that she’s decided to wear it forever starting this month.

“You are so beautiful no matter what. And yes, you are prettier this way. I love so much kak love. I’m sharing my joy for the decision you’ve made. Can’t be more happier for you. I love you kakak.”