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Aizat with his new album Legasi, released as a vinyl record. The album cover is designed by Artech.

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Singer Aizat Amdan leaves behind a legacy for future generations in the form of a limited edition vinyl album, writes Faisal Asyraff

THREE and a half years after his second album Urusan Aizat Amdan, which earned him the 2011 Anugerah Industri Muzik (AIM) awards for best album cover and best music video (for the single Susun Silang Kata), singer-songwriter Aizat is back with a new album called Legasi.

Just like his first album Percubaan Pertama (released 2008), and the second album, Legasi is released under his own record label Kasi Gegar Entertainment, with his brother Anas Amdan as the composer and music director.

For his latest effort, 25-year-old Aizat decided to release it on vinyl. “This album is inspired by the effort of artistes in the vinyl era in the past, who had left their music legacy on new talents like me. And that’s what I strive for — to leave behind something that would be meaningful for future generations,” says Aizat at his album launch at Coliseum Cafe in Kuala Lumpur.

He says legendary local artistes such as Tan Sri P. Ramlee, Puan Sri Saloma, Uji Rashid and even international stars like Paul McCartney, Santana and David Bowie have all “created their respective music identities”.

Legasi contains only five songs and most of them were released as singles since last year. The songs have now been repackaged into a limited edition vinyl album (only 222 units).

All songs are composed and produced by Aizat and Anas, except for In Love With You, written and composed by Noh Salleh. They are Dwihati (feat. Yuna), We’ll Be Happy (feat. Zee Avi), In Love With You (feat. Noh Salleh, the frontman of the band Hujan), Catwalk Ke Balai (feat. Lan from Azlan and The Typewriter), and a new song, Baru.

The song Dwihati is still enjoying airplay on various Malay radio stations since last year, while In Love With You has entered the final round of Anugerah Juara Lagu 28 earlier this year.

“For Dwihati, we wanted to make a duet song that sounds whimsical, in the style of the legendary duo P. Ramlee and Saloma. We came out with the songs with the spirit of the 1960s in mind,” says Aizat.

His collaboration with Zee Avi on the number We’ll Be Happy is inspired by The Strokes’ You Only Live Once and borrows the Borneo musical traditions that gel with the Sarawak-born artiste.

Aizat adds that it’s not easy to get together with these big names. Yuna and Zee Avi are based in the US. While Noh Salleh and Lan are always on the go.

“Lan is one of the artistes who is almost impossible to reach by phone. Eventually, I got him to do a duet on the song Catwalk Ke Balai.”

Sharing the inspiration behind the upbeat tune, he says: “I was humming a tune in my car and thought that it would nicely translate into a song. I called Lan and invited him to the studio. But we had no lyrics yet.

“While brainstorming for the lyrics in the studio, Lan grabbed a newspaper beside him and read the paragraphs on a crime article out loud, turning them into the lyrics. Hence the title, Catwalk Ke Balai (catwalk to the police station).”

Aizat has his own reasons behind the collaboration with these artistes. “They are very passionate about music. We always talk about how we can help boost Malaysian music and give it a solid identity for the future generation. I also chose these talents because each one has his or her own identity — listeners can recognise them the moment they listen to their songs.”

On his memory with vinyl records, Aizat says as a child, he used to be curious of his dad’s vinyl collections. “I was intrigued by the covers of the vinyl albums but I had no idea that they were music albums. When I learnt that that the disc produces music when played, I was amazed.”

He even brought his dad’s vinyl collections to the launch, impressing his guests with his vast collections from big names including Paul McCartney, Boney M, Nat King Cole, Queen, David Bowie, Datuk D.J. Dave, Uji Rashid, Datuk Sharifah Aini and Saloma.

Aizat’s new album Legasi is only available through online bidding. With a starting price of RM150, each of the vinyl album has a serial number where fans can bid for the one they like.

Aizat explains: “The bidding will be based on the serial number. Once a bidder bids on a particular number, a bidding period of 10 days will be activated. The winner will get a special black box package that contains the vinyl record, my autograph, a hard cover book, and an USB drive containing Legasi in digital format.”

On his vision as an artiste, Aizat says: “I take it as a responsibility to continue the legacy left by our music pioneers in the past. I hope that one day, the future generation will dig this album like we did with the previous generation’s music, today.”

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