A RapidKL employee showing the test train signage. On the background is the new coach which undergoes test rides last night

KUALA LUMPUR: The new more spacious four-coach monorail with added safety features is expected to begin operations by end of this month.

Two sets of the new trains went for a final test, before going on a trial run yesterday.

The trains entered the monorail main line from the depot at Tun Sambathan and stopped at all 11 stations during the trial run.

With a double passenger capacity of 430 at one time during peak hours, the trains would encourage more to use public transport within the city to help reduce traffic congestion.

The current average daily ridership of 72,000 is also expected to double once the new train starts operating.

It is learnt that the added features of the new train includes better security with intercoms for passengers to communicate with the train driver, smoke detectors, top side windows that can be opened in case of breakdowns, CCTVs in every coach as well as LED station information displays.

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