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Hexoskin biometric smart shirt

THE Hexoskin biometric smart shirt offers information about users’ physical training, sleep and daily activities.

Their product range has now extended to include the Arctic Smart Shirt, touted as the first cold weather biometric smart shirt in the world.

The Hexoskin biometric smart shirt comes filled with sensors, making it an ideal base layer for optimum training in cold weather.

Apart from that, it is also able to provide exceptional heat insulation, true breathability, odour-resistance and fabric pulling and abrasion resistant.

Specially designed for prolonged wear without causing irritation to the skin, the comfort level is similar to Merino wool.

I suppose one can call the Hexoskin biometric smart shirt a wearable precision lab, as it provides users with lab-quality metrics.

There will be a tiny Bluetooth device connected to the fabric sensors and located in the shirt’s built-in side pocket, making regular fitness trackers pale in comparison to it.

Basic metrics such as heart rate, step count, sleep duration and calories burned will be measured but it is also capable of a whole lot more, including measuring heart rate recovery, heart rate variability, breathing rate, breathing volume, activity level, acceleration, and cadence, among others.

Expected retail price at US$199 (RM666).

Available later this month.


IF you are looking for a true next-gen gaming experience, check out Alienware Alpha from Dell.

With this console, you will gain access to more than 600 Steam controller-supported games right smack into the middle of your living room.

The Alienware Alpha boots up straight into the Alpha-UI, which is an exclusive user interface that offers streamlined controller-based navigation without the need for any kind of mouse or keypad.

Thanks to the Alpha-UI, one can choose to select Steam Big Picture, adjust the system and AlienFX settings, all straight from the comfort of your very own couch.

Underneath the Alienware Alpha’s hood lies the Nvidia GeForce GTX 860M based on the latest Maxwell architecture, where the standard performance was able to be raised all the more so that the GPU can be custom ised to run at amazing speeds, ensuring that you no longer need to miss out on dropped frames.

Alienware and Nvidia have paired 2GB of GDDR5 memory to the Alpha’s custom Nvidia GTX GPU, allowing it to handle new games at true 1080p resolutions.

One can also opt to access the Windows 8.1 desktop for a more traditional PC gaming experience, and each Alienware Alpha ships with a Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller.

It can be configured to run on Intel’s 4th generation Core i3, i5 and i7 processors, up to 8GB of DDR3 RAM, hard drive options up to 2TBs, and sport the latest Intel Wireless 802.11ac adapters.

All of that gaming goodness is crammed into a 2.5-inch high and under 8-inch wide chassis.

Price from US$549.


SATECHI 10-Port USB 3.0 Premium Aluminum Hub offers Mac and PC users a sleek and efficient solution.

There are seven USB 3.0 ports available, in addition to a trio of charging ports.

The ports are able to deliver speedy data transfer rates of up to 5.0Gbps, theoretically speaking, of course, while the extra ports on the hub include a single 5V 2.1A port and a pair of 5V 1A ports so that it can efficiently juice up power hungry tablets and smartphones efficiently.

The Hub boasts a slim, strip -shape design t hat makes it easy to plug in and remove devices, while the brushed aluminium is aesthetically pleasing.

Not on ly t hat , it is equipped with a power supply so that you are guaranteed of electric current stability and effective operation of connected devices without having to go through additional software installation, and it will be backward compatible between USB 3.0 and 2.0/1.1 hosts to boot.

Retails at US$59.99.


MOTRR GoPro mount lets you create pro-level pan/tilt video in a fun, easy, and cost-effective manner.

No coming up with shaky, sweeping pan movements.

Have the GoPro Hero work in tandem with the app-controlled Galileo, and you get precise control over the speed and direction of GoPro’s movement.

In a nutshell, both GoPro and Galileo are a potent combination, letting one create 4K video in smooth, programmable movements easily without having to break the bank.

Galileo’s robotic rotation delivers engaging, professional looking, 360-degree panning time-lapse videos.

It is intuitive to use, where all that you need to do is to place the GoPro into Galileo, select GoPro’s recording mode, and set Galileo’s motion from an iOS device, before hitting the record function.

Retails at US$149.95.

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