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Locate your preferred service centre with the Carbengkel application.

KUALA LUMPUR: If locating an automotive workshop – let alone a decent one that doesn’t overcharge you – is seen as the ultimate road challenge then Carbengkel is one of the survival tools that will make the process a whole lot easier.

The app through collaboration with the Malaysia Automotive Institute (MAI) allow users to locate nearby quality assured workshops as well as arrange with an operator for a car pick-up for service (to and from the selected service centre).

“Most households do not set aside a budget for car maintenance…it is only when the time comes for the vehicle’s regular service or when it breaks down that motorists realise they have to part with a sum of money and maybe even more if an essential part of the vehicle needs to be replaced,” says Carbengkel’s founder and managing director Armin Baniaz.

The app also allows users to select though a network of over 1,000 workshops, and service centres nationwide with an additional 1,800 in the works for their desired preferred services at acceptable prices to suit their budget.

“This way, motorists will be able to estimate the cost of maintaining their vehicles and may even avoid being cheated by unscrupulous service centre operators,” says Armin.

Available on Android and iOS the free-to-use-and-download app can also be used to send SOS alerts to nearby workshops in the event should the user’s car has broken down.

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