SELAYANG: THE Selayang Municipal Council’s (MPS) strict enforcement of the law in collecting tax revenue is paying off.

In a bid to collect as much assessment fees and recoup arrears, the council adopted tough measures in April including issuing warrants and confiscating moveable items from houses.

“Since we started this initiative, we can see that our strict enforcement is working wonders,” said council president Mohd Azizi Mohd Zain at a recent MPS full board meeting.

He said, at present, the council has collected over 90 per cent of assessment tax for the second term.

Azizi explained that defaulters will be issued a notice which carries an RM20 fine on top of the assessment bill.

“If they do not pay up within 15 days, we will issue them a warrant and impose a RM100 fee on top of their outstanding amount,” he said, adding that a warrant will only be issued to those who owe the council more than RM250.

“If they do not pay up within 15 days, we will go to their homes and confiscate their moveable items.

“We will give them a final chance to settle their arrears within 15 days.

“If they do, we will release their belongings. Otherwise, we’ll auction them off.”

Azizi said that as of July 31, the council confiscated items from 628 homes, including televisions and sofa sets.

“The proceeds from the auction of goods will be credited to the defaulter’s assessment bill.

“If the proceeds amount to more than what they owe, we will credit it against the following year’s assessment tax.

“The aim of the measure is to act as a deterrent. We are not using the value of the items as a means of recouping the arrears.”

Azizi said that as of the end of July, the council has collected over 57 per cent of its total assessment tax amounting to RM54.3 million.

In terms of arrears, the council has recouped almost 58 per cent which amounts to RM8.8 million out of the RM 15.3 million owed to the council.

On a separate matter, Azizi dismissed claims by six traders that the council had illegally demolished their stalls.

The stalls were demolished last week by the council to make way for a drain widening project.

“The land does not belong to them. It is reserve land belonging to the Department of Drainage and Irrigation.

“Moreover, the stall operators’ Temporary Operating Licence had expired,” said Azizi.

Azizi said that the council had given the stall operators sufficient notice to vacate the premises but they failed to do so.

“We conducted the demolition exercise with several other agencies including the District Office, so their claims that we wrongfully demolished their stalls are baseless,” he said, adding that if the operators were adamant the council was in the wrong, they could take it to court.