The parts that make up the whole of ‘kacang pool’. Pix by Dazar Suarman
‘Rojak buah’ is also sold at Makpol Kairon’s stall in the Tun Abdul Razak food court.
The secret to the ‘kacang pool’ is in Makpol’s meat sauce.
Customers come from far and wide for Makpol’s signature dish.

JOHOR BARU: MAKPOL Kairon’s kacang pool is a treat for which many are willing to cross the Causeway and even several state lines.

This gastronomical delight is sold at the food court at Susur 5 along Jalan Tun Abdul Razak, here. It is also available at Makpol’s three outlets in Plaza Larkin, Plaza Angsana and Batu Pahat.

The 54-year-old Makpol said he discovered the dish of fava beans, herbs and spices, during one of his travels to the Middle East, about 20 years ago.

“In the Middle East, they use a different kind of bread. I didn’t speak the language, so although the locals were willing enough to tell me all I wanted to know about the dish, I just couldn’t understand much of it.

“When I came home, I tried to recreate it using the French loaf as a substitute because I could not find the same naan that they used back there.

“But French loaf turned out to be too hard. But I did get the sauce just right after five or six attempts. That was because I could taste what was in the sauce and all I had to do was adjust the proportions of the ingredients,” he said

Naturally, the recipe is a trade secret that only his family is trusted with.

“Even my staff do not know how to make the sauce,” he said.

Makpol does, however, divulge that his recipe calls for an equal amount of meat and onions in weight.

“I also use very little cooking oil,” he said.

High demand notwithstanding, the price of RM4 per serving stayed constant until this year, when Makpol finally raised it to RM5.

At the Tun Abdul Razak food court, Makpol also sells rojak buah, roti bakar, tahu bakar and nasi lemak.

The stall is open from 7am to noon.

For details, call Makpol at 013-737 7997.