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Lim Anuar with his painting called ‘Hanging Sarong’ at his exhibition. Pix by Syakir Wahab

GEORGE TOWN: A local artist weaved his magic to transform batik paintings into masterpieces.

Kuala Lumpur-born artist, Lim Anuar, depicts the beauty of village life in his artwork.

An interior architecture graduate, his forte is his perception and ability to capture on cotton cloth the details that lend credibility to his works.

His painting incorporates a profusion of colours that portray the harmony between nature and humans.

The self-taught artist draws inspiration from the laid-back lifestyle in rural areas.

Many of his paintings feature villagers in a fish market, on beaches, and flying kites; and women washing clothes by the river.

“My paintings capture the vivid memories of moments of joy, and record nature’s beauty and man’s relationship with the environment,” he said.

A full-time painter, Lim’s artworks have been exhibited locally, in Belgium, Australia, the US, and India.

This solo exhibition, A Turning Point, is Lim’s second at Island Gallery in Jalan Phuah Hin Leong here.

It has attracted hundreds of batik lovers and collectors to the gallery.

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