KUALA LUMPUR: INDONESIA AirAsia Flight QZ8501 was unfortunate to have taken the route it did during rough weather conditions, believed to be the main factor leading to its tragic end.

The Meteorological Department’s Weather Centre’s senior meteorological officer Dr Mohd Hisham Mohd Anip said weather satellite images of the plane’s pathway showed there was an active weather pattern taking place at the time.

“The satellite images support the pilot’s report about the bad weather, as there were thunderstorm clouds known as cumulonimbus clouds.

“Data showed that cumulonimbus clouds were present along the route taken by the illfated plane at roughly the same height as the flight route,” he said, adding that pilots usually avoid areas with such weather patterns.

Hisham said the active formation of clouds was because of the east coast monsoon season, which is being experienced by Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and nearby regions.

“Weather conditions improved today (yesterday) and there was no sign of the thunderstorm clouds.

“We cannot say that the route is dangerous based on this tragedy.

If it was, the Civil Aviation Department would not have allowed the plane to fly the route.” Hisham’s views were echoed by a Malaysia Airlines pilot Captain Alex Yeoh Sze Yeow, who had used the same route before the tragic accident.

He said the route was frequently taken by various airlines.

“I took the same route to Auckland a day before the incident,” he told the New Straits Times.

“It was cloudy when I flew there but it was not a tough route to fly,” he said, adding that the route was frequently used to fly to Bali, Australia and New Zealand.

However, he said the area was known for its bad weather conditions.

“Many media channels reported that there were heavy clouds for days in the area.

“But it is nothing pilots can’t handle.”


3.30am: Ships and planes resume

an extended search for AirAsia flight

QZ8501. The search covers an area the

size of California.

5.08am: Indonesia Vice-President

Jusuf Kalla discounts reports of debris

and an oil slick spotted in the Java Sea.

8.28am: Dozens of planes

and ships searching


waters for missing AirAsia flight

QZ8501 focus on a patch of oil

spotted off Belitung Island, across from

Kalimantan on Borneo island.

9.06am: Smoke is reportedly seen

on an island in the area where AirAsia

flight QZ8501 disappeared from the


10.16pm: The US State

Department confirms it is

sending a destroyer to

the Java Sea to help in the search for

AirAsia Flight QZ8501.

10.28pm: Indonesia’s Search-and-

Rescue Agency chief Henry Bambang

Soelistyo says the search area will

be expanded to land areas just after

sunrise near Pangkalan Bun on the

western part of Borneo island and to

smaller islands such as Bangka and


12.03pm: Australia adds an extra

plane (two RAAF P3 Orion planes) in

its contribution to the search for the

missing plane.

1.31pm: Items resembling an

emergency slide and a plane door seen.

2.03pm: More items seen in search


2.30pm: Basarnas spokesman Yusuf

Latif says white, red and black objects,

including what appears to be a life

jacket, are spotted off the coast, about

170 km south of Pangkalan Bun.

3.20pm: Debris is confirmed to be

from missing Indonesia AirAsia Flight

QZ8501 and the Indonesian navy

says authorities are checking to see if

sightings are of bodies or survivors.

3.49pm: Indonesian officials spot

several bodies floating in waters near

where the missing flight was last seen.

A piece of debris is confirmed to be

emergency exit door.

4.12pm: AirAsia’s Group CEO Tony

Fernandes tweets “My heart is filled

with sadness for all the families involved

in QZ8501. On behalf of AirAsia, my

condolences to all. Words cannot

express how sorry I am. Whatever we

can do at AirAsia, we will be doing.”

4.24pm: Basarnas chief Bambang

Soelistyo says an Indonesian air force

Hercules spots a shadow on the seabed

— believed to be the shape of an


5.30pm: Basarnas officials confirm that

more than one body is found in the sea,

while a navy spokesman says teams

have so far recovered one body, plus a

plane door and oxygen tanks.

6.48pm: Some of the presumed debris

from Flight QZ8501 is taken to shore.

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