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SINGAPORE: All foreign-registered buses need to have an ASEAN Public Service Vehicle (PSV) permit issued by Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA) to enter the city-state, said Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew.

"For tour buses, there is an additional requirement that they have to be conveying an identified group of passengers who commenced their journey from an ASEAN member country (not Singapore)," he said in a written reply to Parliamentary question here today. 

The minister was asked whether the Ministry of Transport was aware of feedback on increasing instances of Malaysian-registered vehicles illegally picking up and/or guiding passengers and tourists on local tours in Singapore and to Malaysia.

He was also asked whether the Ministry was putting in place any form of enforcement to deal with Malaysian-registered vehicles who were competing with local drivers for business to ferry tourists at Singapore attractions or at transport terminals. 

Lui said these tour buses were allowed to enter Singapore empty subsequently, however, to pick up the same group of passengers for the return journey back to the country of origin. 

For foreign-registered buses plying scheduled services, he said, an Omnibus Licence is required on top of the ASEAN PSV permit for them to enter Singapore empty to pick up passengers at designated stopping points within Singapore.

The minister disclosed that LTA had received seven cases of feedback in the last two years on Malaysia-registered vehicles picking up passengers in Singapore and has investigated accordingly; however, no transgressions were detected. 

If convicted, he said the PSV permit holder may be liable to a fine, imprisonment, and/or suspension or revocation of the permit for his/her vehicle.-- BERNAMA

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