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JOHOR BARU: The Johor Islamic Religious Department (Jaij) has withdrawn halal certification of 10 premises, mostly eateries, in the state in the first half of this year as the operators failed to comply with standards and procedures.

State Islamic Religious Committee chairman Abd Mutalip Abd Rahim said one of the reasons why the halal certificates were withdrawn was because business operators changed or failed to use halal the ingredients as stipulated.

"This action was also taken in accordance with the Trade Descriptions Act 2011," he told reporters after opening of the Halal Consumerism Carnival at Angsana Plaza and presenting halal certificates to 11 premises here today.

Abd Mutalip said apart from conducting periodical checks on business premises, the department also carried out surprise checks upon receiving complaints from the public to ensure that the businesses complied with stipulated conditions.

Abd Mutalip said Jaij had so far this year issued halal certificates to 696 entrepreneurs, 70 per cent of them non-Muslims, and carried out halal awareness campaign among business people.

He urged consumers to inform Jaij if they come fake halal certificates or logos and warned hotels offering Ramadan buffet to apply for halal certificates quickly to avoid any action taken against them. - BERNAMA

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