SHAH ALAM: In what may be his last time addressing the state's civil servants during a monthly morning assembly, Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim outlined his legacy in managing the state government since 2008.

During his tenure, he said he has strengthened the administration in terms of finance, policies and character.

On the financial front, he highlighted that Selangor was always among the top three states when it came to amount of investments.

It was also noteworthy, he said, that he had managed to increase the reserves of the state up to RM3.2 billion, so much so that the funds could be channelled to the construction of a third Klang bridge.

Besides these, he stressed that the state had saved the people's money in the water concessionaires takeover using RM9.65 billion.

"The offer made by the state government is not a compensation for profit.

"The offer is compensation for the equity model invested by the shareholders at 12 per cent interest per year and does not deduct the previously paid dividends.

"We have saved the state RM3 billion in using this compensation formula," he said.

Khalid also took the opportunity to explain to the audience about the allegations surrounding his out-of-court settlement with Bank Islam.

He asserted that there was nothing suspicious about the settlement and that the solution had been made transparent.