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Petty traders will benefit from Shah Alam City Council’s plans to house them in shop lots. File pic Petty traders will benefit from Shah Alam City Council’s plans to house them in shop lots. File pic

SHAH Alam City Council (MBSA) plans to allocate funds in its 2015 budget to acquire a number of shop lots to help accommodate petty traders who have been operating illegally by the roadside.

“We will help these small traders who are not able to rent a place for their business.

“This may also help reduce the number of illegal traders here,” said mayor Datuk Mohd Jaafar Mohd Atan during a full board meeting on Wednesday.

He said the council planned to allocate about RM10 to RM12 million for the purpose.

Jaafar said the council also planned to set up its volunteer firefighter team to help the fire department, especially in wild fire or bush fire.

“The officers involved will from the enforcement department which currently has a total of 450 officers. We can start as early as October if the Fire and Rescue Department is willing to train our officers.

“I would also like to suggest that MBSA buy some equipment such as a tanker, masks and a water pump engine to equip the team. This will be included in next year’s budget,” said Jaafar.

On a different matter, he said a total of RM1 million would be allocated to install closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras in 100 locations in the city.

Commenting on the dengue menace, Jaafar said the number of hotspots has reduced from nine to four since the 18 Dengue Task Force teams were formed two weeks ago, where each team is responsible for inspecting and monitoring a dengue hotspot.

“The four remaining hotspots are one in Section 7, another in Section 4 and two in Section U5.

“The reported cases of dengue have also reduced from 119 cases during the 33th week to 108 on the 34th week (between Aug 17 and 23).

“From Aug 9 to 26, 87 premises out of 169 inspected were found to be Aedes breeding ground.

“Within that same period, a total of 37 compounds of RM500 each were issued to owners of premises that were found to be Aedes breeding ground.

“Three active construction sites were also issued compounds and ordered to stop work and clean the sites within two weeks.

“All three have started operating again recently as they had complied with the council order.

“The council have also formed another task force which will specifically inspect and monitor institutions of higher learning here.

“We will give intensive training to our officers who are in the Dengue Task Force.”

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