The C130 Hercules waiting to transport remains of two victims to Sarawak -- Pix by Khairull Azry Bidin

SEPANG: Remains of the five victims were transferred from MH19 aircraft to the hearse at the Bunga Raya Complex.

8.58: Guests and family members have been asked to observe a one minute silence

8.55am: The last casket lowered to the tarmac and brought to the hearse

8.53: Police cars and outriders on standby to escort the hearses

8.52: Remains of the fourth victim brought down

8.51am: The two urns being carried to the waiting hearse

8.50am: Two urns draped in Jalur Gemilang are taken out of the aircraft

8.48am: The first casker is lowered and handed over to pallbearers who marched slowly to the hearse.

8.45am: The four hearses being driven to the aircraft

8.41am: The motorised platform to lower the caskets to the tarmac is being driven to the plane.


The sombre mood at the Bunga Raya Complex at the Kuala Lumpur International airport here is evident as relatives and friends of five MH17 victims arrived this morning.

Two Hercules C130 aircraft were parked on the tarmac to transport remains of Muhammad Afruz Tambi and Meling Mula back to Sarawak while pallbearers were stationed ready to accept the remains of Matthew Ezekial Sivagnanam, Liew Yau Chee and his wife, Lee Kiah Yeen, Meling Mula and Muhammad Afruz Tambi.

At the Nirvana Memorial Centre in Sungai Besi, NST was told that the ashes of Liew and Lee will be kept on level two but media members are only allowed at the lobby as requested by the family.

Defence Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein has arrived at the Bunga Raya Complex to witness the arrival.