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IN a multiracial and multi-religious country like ours, banning the sale of alcohol or any other items, because of the presence of a majority of a particular race or religious group in the area sets a bad and dangerous precedent for the future of the country.

The state should not act as a moral policeman for its citizens. Religion should be a private and personal matter between the individual and his creator. Alcohol is not all bad, as it has its health benefits if taken in moderation.

It is only those who abuse alcohol and get drunk, and create social evils who should be restricted. This group is in a very small minority.

I hope good sense will prevail and the Malacca government will rescind the policy. I also hope there will be no domino effect from this fallout. Pas should not take advantage of such a policy and exploit it for its own political agenda.

Dr P. Padman

Johor Baru, Johor.

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