JOHOR BARU: In a tit-for-tat move, Singapore’s Land Transport Authority (LTA) announced yesterday that it will increase toll charges for all vehicles, except motorcycles, leaving Singapore through the Causeway from Oct 1.

A new matching Causeway toll will also be implemented for all vehicles, except motorcycles entering Singapore.

However, there are no changes to the toll charges at the Second Link.

The latest move, which sees about a three-fold increaseincharges,wasexpectedasSingaporehad saiditwouldmatchMalaysia’sincreasedCauseway toll charges, which came into effect on Aug 1.

An LTA statement released yesterday said the current toll rate for cars would rise from S$1.20 to S$3.80 (RM3.03 to RM9.62), while vans and light goods vehicles will see a hike from S$1.90 to S$5.80 (RM4.81 to RM14.69).

Taxis and buses will see increases from S$0.60 and S$1 (RM1.52 and RM2.53) to S$1.90 and S$3.10 (RM4.81 and RM7.85), respectively.

The statement said for foreign-registered cars, the Causeway entry toll for those travelling from Johor Baru would be recorded in LTA’s toll system and displayed to motorists upon entry into Singapore.

Payment will be deducted only upon motorists leaving Singapore, whether through the Causeway or Second Link; and together with the exit toll, Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) fee and Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) charges, if any.

 The statement also said all other vehicles that did not pay VEP fees — that is, all Singapore-registered vehicles and foreign-registered goods vehicles, buses and taxis — would pay their Causeway entry toll upon entering Singapore and their exit toll upon leaving Singapore.

This would be the same as the existing practice for the Second Link tolls,” the LTA statement stated.

The LTA statement reiterated its earlier stance that Singapore will follow suit should Malaysia reduce or do away with toll charges.

The move comes after Malaysia increased Causeway toll charges from RM2.90 per private passenger car when leaving Malaysia, to RM6.80 beginning Aug 1.

From that date, toll charges were also levied on cars entering Malaysia. Whereas previously not charged, motorists now have to pay RM9.70 when entering the country.

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