The Danga Bay stretch of highway is bedecked with colourful lights.
The giant sky screen in Jalan Ibrahim is among the constellation of stars on the city firmament.
The Johor Palace is resplendent at night.

JOHOR BARU: WITH its bright, colourful neon lights, the giant skyscreen structure above Jalan Ibrahim, here, is the city’s latest attraction.

Many throng the city at night to see up-close the changing varicoloured formations of state icons, including the Johor flag and the salutation “Daulat Tuanku”.

The skyscreen measuring 90m by 20m is a permanent structure installed by the Johor Baru City Council (MBJB) to promote tourism as well as to beautify the state capital aiming for International City status by 2020.

Mayor Abdul Rahman Mohamed Dewam said the skyscreen is the latest of five city attractions under development.

The other four are the Bukit Serene palace arch, state emblem structure in front of the MBJB office, Taman Merdeka musical fountain, and crystal clock tower with Jawi numerals.

Rahman said the skyscreen was an addition to the light features placed by the council to brighten up the city at night.

The latter include artificial palm tree lights and light decorations in front of MBJB headquarters.

The skyscreen display using 540,000 LED interchangeable lights automatically lights up at 8pm for five hours daily.

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