NEW DELHI: No Malaysian is stranded at Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport in Pakistan, which came under terrorist attack late Sunday.

“We have checked with the authorities and no Malaysian is stranded at the airport,” Abu Bakar Mamat, the Malaysian consul-general in Karachi said in a telephone interview with Bernama here today.

He said the Malaysian community in Karachi had been told to be vigilant and follow the directive of the authorities.

For now, all flights were suspended, he added.

Abu Bakar advised Malaysians to check with the mission before taking up plans to travel to Pakistan.

He said the consulate could be contacted at [email protected] or twitter @myconsulkhi.

"Malaysians can also communicate directly with me on twitter @abubakarmamat," he said.

According to reports, in a six-hour siege of the Karachi airport which the army quelled, a total of 26 people were killed, comprising civilians, security personnel and 10 militants.

Live ammunition and rockets were recovered from the attackers, the reports quoted the Pakistan Army as saying. Pakistan officials have also claimed that no aeroplane was destroyed in the attack.