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ALOR STAR: National Water Services Industry (SPAN) chief executive director Datuk Teo Yen Hua said that there were no plans for water rationing by the Selangor government at the moment.

"We will wait and see but so far there are no plans," he said.

When questioned about the next steps for implementation of the Water Supply Contingency Plan (WSCP) in view of the El Nino phenomenon he declined to comment saying that there was a lot of speculation on this and the matter is being deliberated in Parliament.

"We will wait for further announcement from the deputy prime minister on this matter," said Teo.

Earlier this week Teo had said that water operators nationwide would activate WSCP if water capacity at the dams reach critical levels. This was to ensure consumers continue to get supply of treated water during the dry spell.

In an earlier statement he had added that regular cloud seeding would be done especially at water catchment areas and provision would be made for water supply relief facilities such as water tankers and static tanks.

Teo was speaking at a seminar on Awareness and Compliance of the Water Services Industy Act (WSIA) 2006 for Kedah and Perlis 2014 at TH Hotel and Convention Centre today.

The seminar was attended by 400 people including construction contractors and plumbers from the two states.