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Rich, golden pineapple tarts that melt in your mouth.

KUALA LUMPUR: TO usher in the Year of the Ram next Chinese New Year, the SCS butter brand is upgrading a familiar festival classic, the pineapple tart.

For generations, this sweet and savoury bite-sized pastry has been a must-have for family reunions during Chinese New Year.

The shape and size of this treat differs from region to region but essentially its contents remain the same.

One of the most important ingredients for the pastry is the butter and high-quality butter makes the tarts taste even better.

The right combination of butter and pineapple makes it buttery, fluffy and crusty.

As such, SCS is introducing eight new varieties of pineapple tarts consisting of pineapple cream cheese, pecan pineapple, berry licious pineapple, chocolate brownie pineapple, caramel pineapple, creamy mango, pineapple white chocolate, oatmeal pineapple and green tea pineapple.

SCS Butter Malaysia chief creative officer Michelle Lim said if the company did not take some risks and try new recipes they would miss out on opportunities to discover new and exciting things.

“We know we can make great pineapple tarts with SCS butter, so now let’s try to push it further,” said Lim.

Baking enthusiasts interested in recipes for pineapple tarts above can check out or

Recipe booklets for the tarts can also be obtained from select supermarkets.

Next month, SCS will be launching an online-driven pineapple tart contest.

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