HONG KONG TVB actress Coffee Lam, was embroiled in a public scandal — this time, she was caught behaving indecently in a public restroom with a male friend, Will Lam. Coffee, who has a small role in the highest-rated TVB drama, Triumph In The Skies 2, was caught after her 30-minute tryst with Will in the restroom stall for people with disabilities at the IFC Shopping Mall. With her public image ruined, TVB management reveals that the broadcasting company will not hesitate to take action against her.

BROOKLYN Beckham has the world at his feet and can live a life of luxury if he wants to. But the 15-year-old recently made headlines when he started working shifts at a cafe in London, serving coffee and tea to customers for £2.68 (RM14.50) an hour. Famous football star dad David Beckham, and pop star mum, Victoria, encourage him to get the part time job. They “wanted their children to learn the value of money” and “what hard work is like”.

WHEN it comes to singing, Malaysia’s Kopi Lim Guo Wei enjoys his fair share of success. It all started when he took home the second runner-up title at the 8TV singing competition, Ultimate Power Star, in 2011. To date, Lim has released two EPs — Ai Zou Le, Ke Xi and Ka Fei Bing Gan.