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NUSAJAYA: The Johor government has allocated RM150 million to upgrade and widen village roads through Infra Desa Johor (IDJ) from February 2012 to January next year, said state Public Works and Rural and Regional Development Committee chairman Datuk Ir Hasni Mohammad.

“IDJ did not widen or upgrade any road from 2010 to 2011 because its existing scope of work was only to carry out road maintenance,” he said in reply to a question from Aminolhuda Hassan (Pas-Parit Yaani) at the Second Meeting (Budget 2015) of the Second Term of the 13th Johor State Assembly, here, today.

He said since September, the progress of work done was worth RM143 million, which was 95 per cent of the allocation spent involving 1,100 kilometres of road.

“It is expected that IDJ will be able to complete repairs and upgrades on 1,121km of road until January 2015.

“From the 1,121km, widening will be done on 514.11km which is 46 per cent of the total road being upgraded,” he said.

To a question from Mohammad Taslim (PAS-Maharani), he said roads which were tarred in Maharani using funds from Marris (Malaysian Road Records Information System) in 2012 involved 11 roads, 12 roads in 2013 and nine roads in 2014.

“Jalan Kampung Parit Samsu is included in the list of works done in 2012 and 2013. Jalan Kampung Parit Samsu has been repaired several times through the allocation from Marris.

“According to records since 2012, this road has been repaired twice but the same problem recurs. Based on our visual site investigation, the road edge’s weak structure is the main cause of the damage,” he added.--BERNAMA

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