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Sazzy Falak is due to appear in M. Subash new film, Kamar Seksa. Pix by Saifullizan Tamadi
Sazzy Falak wants international recognition for Malaysian films. Pix by Saifullizan Tamadi

KUALA LUMPUR: Popular actress, host and all around fashionista Sazzy Falak has a challenging upcoming new role, that of a dominant homosexual woman.

Her role is central in Kamar Seksa, a film which is based on a true story about a same sex couple who abuse their maid.

This independent film is directed by M. Subash Abdullah (Ghost Ghost Ghost! Misteri Bisikan Pontianak and Vajram). It also stars singer-actress Ieda Moin.

“I had to explore a different part of me... I needed to know what she goes through in her life and how she would react to people around her and deal with her daily life,” she told the NST after the launch of TV series How Do I Look? Asia Ben’s Publika today.

Kamar Seksa has “juicy elements” which the 34-year-old actress has no problem getting into.

“Yes, there are some juicy bits in the film, but those scenes are beautifully crafted using camera movement and tricks,” she revealed.

To play this role convincingly, the Kuala Lumpur-born petite artiste did a little homework. “I watched some films and from there I get some inspiration. I try not to overdo it because I want my character to come out naturally,” she said, adding that she even created a back story for her character.

Not only that, the mother-of-two also observed the people around her. “I pick up nuances along the way and observe my friends who have different sexual preferences. I try not to be overly technical with my character because then it can be difficult and it loses that artistic value,” she added.

When asked whether she’s worried about public criticism arising from this “controversial” role, Sazzy brushed it off and said: “I celebrate criticism because that’s how it goes. If I’m afraid of disapproval voices, I might as well close all my social media accounts. I get criticisms on a daily basis but it doesn’t stop me from being me.”

“When I decided to join the industry, it’s something that I’ve learnt to accept. It’s part and parcel of being in showbiz,” said Sazzy who shot to fame with the TV series Gold & Gincu.

Sazzy does less acting these days. “I always get the standard roles of minah cantik (pretty girls) and orang kaya (rich person). How many versions can you do of them. That can get a little stale and boring.”

“When I choose a role, it has to be an empowering one. I don’t want to do films just for the sake of doing it. I want my characters to invoke a certain feeling,” she said, adding that there were also plans to write and direct a short film soon.

Sazzy has her hands full managing her own clothing line Street Fashion KL. Established in 2012 after the birth of her twin daughters, Imaan Lily and Tiara Rose, the fashion brand operates from a small office in Taman Tun.

“I have my own design team although I do a little of the designing and conceptualising work myself,” said the journalism major. “I take ethnic fabrics and materials like songket and batik and turn them into beautiful Kimono tops,” she said.

Fans can also catch Sazzy on the small screen every Monday at 8pm on DIVA and DIVA HD (Astro channel 702 and 723 respectively), as she hosts the fashion makeover series How Do I Look? Asia.

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