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THE school term will be grinding to a halt very soon and many parents will be faced with the daunting task of keeping their beloved munchkins occupied for a good month and a half.

Some will actually welcome the break for it means not having to leap outofbedatungodlyhourstowakeup theirtetchykids,battlewiththemover breakfast and ferry them off in good time before the morning bell clangs.

Others will suffer from school hols anxiety, especially if they’re working full-time, and their kids are used to having five million things to do on a typical school week.

The first week might be bliss — for all — but after that? Kids with time on their hands will inevitably turn to their parents for “entertainment” to combat their boredom.

What happens when it’s near impossible to get sufficient leave time from the office? Do you take all your kids to work? Or do you leave them at home to their own devices only to end up having to handle 500 calls (ok, slight exaggeration) from your youngest, wailing for the 500th time that the cat has “shat on the mat” and big sis insists on her cleaning it up.

Whichever camp you subscribe to, here’s some perspective.

Kids grow up really fast these days.

Before you know it, they’d have fled the nest or decided that you’re not the centre of their universe anymore.

So, instead of seeing this long school hols as “torture in motion”, how about embracing it and viewing it as an opportunity to re-connect with the children? After all, in the normal flurry of a school year, you hardly get to see them, thanks to all the tuition, extra-curricular activities, and homework, and your own busy work schedule.

Quality over quantity — that should be the mantra.

Even if you find yourself unable to get leave time that’s as long as your child’s school break, make the days that you do have off, quality ones.

And the school hols doesn’t have to mean fleeing the country or spending money unnecessarily.

With some thought and creativity, even days spent at home and around the vicinity can be surprisingly memorable.

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