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PUSAT Komas will host its annual FreedomFilmFest from this Saturday. In its 11th year, the film festival with a focus on human rights, presents 37 documentary-films from around the world that touch on important, relevant and eye-opening topics using skillful storytelling.

Its executive director, Anna Har says: “The films have been carefully curated to showcase only the most impactful, cinematic and stunning films on a variety of topics.”

This year’s theme, Freedom, highlights social issues from Afghanistan, China, Iran, Nepal, Senegal, Singapore and Tibet, to name a few.

“Closer home, we will be showcasing fresh, high-quality documentaries on communities in southern Philippines, undocumented people in Sabah, a peaceful Penan community in Borneo and buskers in Indonesia,” she adds.

She says three new local films which have won production grants from Komas’ Malaysian Pitch competition are Anur Nak Ke Sekolah by Ronasina, Fight Thru Cartoon by Zunar and Mic Hoo and Lebuh Agraria by Azharr Rudin.

Anur Nak ke Sekolah is about a couple who fights for their child with celebral palsy to be able to receive formal education. Meanwhile, Fight Thru Cartoon shows the danger and challenge of expressing one’s honest frustration against corruption and injustice. As for Lebuh Agraria, it offers viewers a personal reflection on the notion of change and freedom through the experience of current day farmers.

Pusat Komas will be joined by Tenaganita, Joint Action for Gender Equality, Child Rights Coalition, Gabungan Bertindak Malaysia, 3RTV and Kelab Bangsar Utama, which will present thematic screenings. State screenings are in Perak (this Thursday), Pahang (Sept 11), Johor and Sarawak (Sept 19), Sabah (Sept 20) and Penang (Sept 25). There will also be a screening in Singapore on Sept 15 and 16.

Since early this year, there have been several regional FFF screenings held by partners in Indonesia, Cambodia and Singapore, with further plans in Southern Thailand and Myanmar.

Freedom Film Fest

When: Sept 6-12

Where: PJ Live Arts, Jaya One, Petaling Jaya

Tickets: For festival passes, register for free membership at

Minimum donation for festival passes:

* RM50 festival pass (does not include Awards Night on Sept 13)

* RM20 weekend one-day pass (Sept 6 or Sept 7)

* RM30 full weekend pass (Sept 6-7)

* RM10 weekday one-day pass (Sept 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12).

Details at

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