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The latest flavour is fiery in nature.

KUALA LUMPUR: Staying healthy is usually at the top of any New Year’s resolution list.

For anyone who is searching for a simple way to keep healthy, look no further than your spice rack.

McCormick, well known for its extensive range of flavours, has come up with two new additions to its herbs and spices range.

The two fiery additions are the chilli flakes and paprika smoked, completing its range of 13 antioxidant herbs and spices.

McCormick’s chilli flakes and paprika smoked are not only natural antioxidant boosters, but also contain capsaicin which enhances blood circulation and increases the body’s metabolic rate.

Spicy food can sometimes help you achieve your diet goals when paired with a sensible eating plan. Just add a dash of McCormick chilli flakes to hot curries, stir fries and sauces to pack your meals with antioxidant goodness.

The chilli flakes can even be used to add a unique twist to sweet temptations.

Instead of conventional butter shortbread, try whipping up shortbread cookies with chocolate chips and McCormick chilli flakes for a heavenly mix of sugar anspice.

McCormick’s paprika smoked features Spanish sweet red peppers that are smoked to obtain a distinctive bittersweet to mild flavour with a smoky aftertaste, perfect for marinades and as a flavour enhancer for chicken, fish and beef as well as rice, potatoes and soups.

Check out McCormick’s 2015 Spices which contains guides and tips on herbs and spices to help Malaysians enjoy the antioxidant benefits of McCormick.

The spices are available at retail outlets and supermarkets nationwide. For details, visit or

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