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The serums use life plankton and bird’s nest in their formulations.

Two serums come with promises to defy signs of ageing, writes Aznim Ruhana Md Yusup

THE human race has always placed a premium on the rare and exotic, especially in the quest for youth and beauty. The elusive fountain of youth is always at the top of a very tall mountain, or across the ocean, or somewhere in the next continent.

French luxury skincare company Biotherm reckons it is at the heart of the Pyrenees mountains. There is a special mineral spring there that was apparently used by Gallo-Roman soldiers to help them recover from battles. Later on it became a tradition for medieval brides to bathe in its waters before their wedding night.

In the 1950s, scientists discovered that the secret behind the spring’s transformative properties lies in a special microorganism that lived there. Biotherm calls it Life Plankton, and its the active ingredient behind its products.

Life Plankton has the capacity to create newborn skin. And after decades of research and advances in technology, Biotherm scientists have managed to grow this plankton in the lab at its highest concentrated dose, creating the Life Plankton Essence.

Closer to home, skincare company Nutox is using bird’s nest as the basis for its anti-ageing line. This isn’t so unusual because bird’s nest soup has long been used as beauty food, with benefits that include enhancing one’s youthfulness and complexion.

Only this time, the nutrient has been extracted for use in skincare products. The active ingredient in bird’s nest can help promote cellular regeneration, improve skin condition and protect against visible signs of ageing.

The créme de la créme of Nutox’s bird’s nest range is Serum Concentrate, which contains twice the active amount of bird’s nest collagen.


I triedboth products for about three weeks. Nutox’s serum is rather thick and sticky and has a strong scent while Biotherm’s is lighter with a more neutral odour.

Both serums spread easily and don’t pose a problem when I follow them up with a moisturiser.

Biotherm promises that your skin will be born anew after using the Life Plankton Essence for eight days. Your face will look more radiant, more even and smoother. Fine lines will fade and the skin hydrated, becoming more resilient.

Nutox says that you will see a firmer, smoother and more elastic skin from using its concentrated serum. You should also be able to notice deep wrinkles fading away after about two weeks of use.

I didn’t see any real difference to my face from using either product. And it’s difficult to say how good a product is at reducing wrinkles or evening out skin tones since I don’t have those problems in the first place.

But to their credit, the serums did not cause any harm. There were no breakouts, dry patches, itchiness or any discomfort. There was no redness or allergic reaction. My skin felt soft, smooth and hydrated throughout.

The thing is, it was like that before I used the serums, and it remained that way after I stopped using them. I guess it might be worth it to apply serums consistently to prevent problems before they arise.

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